Chess Club_01While taking the Winterfell ferry I found the Queen Alice Chess Club. There are lots of things to look at in Winterfell. What first drew me in to the club was the graveyard in back. I do like a good cemetery and returned a few evenings later to take some pictures.Chess Club_02I rested on a swing and some people showed up, asking if I was looking for a game of chess. One of them is the owner of the chess club. I don’t play but was made to feel very welcome.Chess Club_03

You can find people to play with and also computerized chess. There are other games to play as well. I like the cat sitting in the window looking out over the harbor.

Behind me, from my point of view as photographer is an Anywhere door teleport that leads to a sky box.Chess Club_04

This is where tournaments are occasionally held. Some people who experience lag below use this area to play. I checked traffic both times I visited and it appears the club does get use. I was told that people from India and Egypt can be found playing chess here.Chess Club_05

The graveyard may be part of the seasonal decorating. There were leaf piles to play in too.

I went on my way to chill on the ferry ride. It’s more relaxing than the Yavascript boat rides which seem to be on some sort of mission and which dump me somewhere occasionally, although I like those too. The different areas of Winterfell have their own lighting and it’s become a soothing way to wind down after other internet stuff.