seedyville_002My human says a summer afternoon could feel like an eternity when she was a kid. When she got older, taking road trips with friends seemed like the time of her life. seedyville_003Travelling from one small town to another when life was simpler in many ways, she and her friends longed for excitement, more sophistication and certainly more freedom. In their wildest imaginings they couldn’t foresee all the freedoms that would be lost in the ensuing years. seedyville_005When she started working in the city, living in a house with way too many people, she’d go to matinees just to have some peace and quiet.seedyville_007Many of the small towns she knew have lost that lazy feeling. Maybe you have to live there for a while, or for twenty years, to feel like you belong.

seedyville_010Several times during the last few months I took a little summer vacation to a small town called Seedyville in Second Life. There were all sorts of little town businesses but no homes. You could visit and stay at the motel. I went fishing.

Seedyville is gone; I have memories and these pictures.