enchant roads_013

I visited SL11B again yesterday evening. It was a little stressful for me to realize the week is flying by, some unexpected things in my typist’s life is taking more time and I’d only explored one sim so far. Letting go of the idea of a more leisurely stroll, I was more discerning and efficient about my travels.

enchant roads_001

I’m still tolerating the lag and crashing but am a little worried about how my laptop is working so hard to be here. I really do like the diversity and the information of what SL has to offer that’s displayed here at the celebration.

enchant roads_003Robots!

enchant roads_007enchant roads_008

enchant roads_010

enchant roads_011

enchant roads_015enchant roads_017enchant roads_004Last night I explored and took more photos of other sims here but I feel like time is running out.