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Only in Second Life can I stroll through a maze of water several inches deep in suede boots and a long wool skirt with no regrets. A Maze in Grace by Krystali Rabeni is on one of the LEA sims now. I don’t get to visit all of them; some are too difficult and complex to photograph well but this one worked for me.

When I arrived here, I was working my way through something and began sort of stomping along. Nothing like a little drama and taking a stand to get some clarity on things and tweak one’s direction.


I found the koi! And my typist has found the equivalent of real life koi.

There was a small flock of birds that took flight near the beginning of my walk. They didn’t settle back down immediately and I found in my wait for them to do so, I felt more calm.


There are signs that tell you to stay off the grass! So you walk in the water, with the swans, lilly pads and such.


I specially like seeing the cairns. Peaceful place.