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After I found the road on the World Map and fell a long way from LnL Square tower, which I wrote about on Tuesday, I found myself in an area I hadn’t been before. I have no idea which direction I began walking in. There were some private estates, lots of castles, some outer space looking stuff and then this interesting looking building. About Land indicated it is the property of a Princess.


Visitors are welcome at her nearby Princess Castle. I saved the landmark for exploration on another day.

rt12_3There are some great beach views, a public airport and the stables shown in the photo above.

rt12_5I hopped on the pod, shown in the photo above, after it ran over me. I rode to the end of the line and then returned. At some point on the return trip I recognized the landscape and soon found myself going by the Roadside Garden Cafe which I posted about a few weeks ago. And then the pod flung me high in the air and dumped me on the road where I was stuck and couldn’t move. Not for the first time.