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I recently got notice that writer, photographer and blogger friend, Cybele Moon, is having her first photo exhibit in Second Life and of course I wanted to see it, even though I enjoy her photography on her blog. She was in SL for a time and real life has been too compelling for her to spend much time there now. Her fellow writer, Lizzie Gudkov, has exhibition space in LnL Square tower where the photos can be seen.


The exhibit is on two floors. Cybele offered me a choice of a gift picture and I chose Misty Evening, which is shown on the exhibit info display in the first picture posted here. It rather resembles my interior landscape. 🙂

cm_003Outside of the tower is a courtyard for hanging out.

cm_005I noticed a teleport to a Japanese Garden near the landing which I hadn’t seen on my last visit so I went there to rest and have some tea.


When I visit a place I like to teleport to a nearby road and explore the area. Usually the place I’ve just been is on the ground. But LnL Square is high up in Borgatti and I fell a long, long way to the road. I soon discovered I was on Route 12 in Nautilus. I’ll post some photos of route 12 on Thursday. Tomorrow I have a post about a virtual photography exhibit for this blog.