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The weekend has just about arrived and I’m still wearing the outfit I’ve had on for over a week. Here are some photos where I’m wearing it in four of my favorite places, including The Far Away.


This photo was taken inside the old lighthouse at H220. The outfit is Joanie in Plum by KaliKo. It was given to me as a gift by my role play housemate in Wendigo Lake, Kaliope Karas, last winter. It can be worn for Old West, Victorian or Steampunk RP. Or if you’re like me, worn anywhere you damn well please.

lost town

Here, I’m wearing the outfit in Lost Town.

Last December I wore Kali’s finely detailed Caroline Blue Dress in a blog post about Hungry Ghosts.


This last photo was taken on Serenity Falls Island which is undergoing a change of purpose now. I’m keeping an eye on that.

The detailing on both outfits is exquisite but you’ll need to click on the marketplace link to see that better if you’re accustomed to fashion blogs with up close, clear photos.