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Lennon Park_012

A week or so ago I visited Lennon Park. I took the dog and my camera. There are places to rent and it seems a good place to reside, teleporting into your home, with great views outside your windows.

It’s also a good place for some photography.  I was patient enough as I explored because I really wanted to be there but I had some trouble with the blinded-by-foliage thing and falling-through-mesh-rocks-and-getting-stuck thing that I’m finding in many showcase sims.  Lennon Park_011

I had to teleport out and back in several times. Really, the claustrophobic feeling of dense forests where I stumble blindly is not appealing to me. It would be nice to have a stable path and look at the pretty trees from it and as I mentioned, it looks like great views if you’re renting.

Lennon Park_010

There were gems to make the effort worth my while; I enjoyed the photography part.

Lennon Park_008

The scary statue guarded the tunnel which led to a private home. I’m wearing a dress, gloves and boots I got at the 2013 World Goth Fair from Black Arts. Lennon Park_007I lightened the photos. The region light setting is kind of dark. There was a lovely cabin on the water and I was so tempted…..but I have lots of homes and places to crash all over SL.