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It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the Island Oasis grid. I still log in about twice a week to click the rental box for my free island. I don’t spend much more time there, but I like to think that Wren is happy–writing, drawing, reading and laying out in the sun.

I just logged in to check the current stats, although I’m not a stats person. I got an IM from Sugar Paolino, who is management or something important like that. I hadn’t talked to her since I was very new in the fall of 2012.  It’s career day/job fair which is why that might have happened. Wren is a beach bum and doesn’t want to work.

Current stats as of this half hour:

active regions-203

total residents-6756

30 day total log-ins-4300

30 day unique log-ins-907


The top house is mine. Anyway, Sugar is now on my contact list. I mentioned I was writing this post and asked if there was anything she’d like to say. She was very gracious and down-to-earth as is appropriate for someone in her position. We briefly spoke of the gamed stats that some grids use; I had read a post recently about that sort of thing. She assured me of a way to check IO stats for accuracy but that is the sort of objective fact that goes in one ear and out the other for me.


Pictures of houses is more my thing. My draw distance or something on my viewer makes it look like some of these islands are empty but when you get closer, the homes appear.


The houses are free too. This gray one must be new; it’s in several of these photos. Quite a few of the residents build their own houses; that was on a list for me to try one day.


There was a summer sim sale for one week only beginning on June first and I wanted to post last weekend but got distracted.

Most of the contacts on my list found a blog post of mine and looked me up. We usually aren’t online at the same time. Most are refugees from Second Life and/or want the great land deals to work on projects.

io_007My account name there is Wren Grey and you’re welcome to add me if you wish.

The link at the top of this post will take you to the information portal on tutorials, photo gallery as well as other useful information including the Pay It Forward program.