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It takes all kinds of people to make this diverse soup of a world we live in. Some of us are visionaries and idealists at times and that can cause us pain. We ache for everyone to have freedom and opportunity, including ourselves.

The week end is here and I would dearly just love to chill.  But sometimes there is a need to quietly speak up even if very few have the attention span or interest to listen. We can own our stories and experiences, craft solutions and responses, sending them like little birds out into the ethers and the collective unconscious, standing up for ourselves and for others.

I am not a professional writer, yet this is a subject I am passionate about; once again I am going to express this as best I can here, limiting my focus to something ugly I witness and experience in the virtual world of Second Life.

on the road_002

My avatar spends time in a virtual world because I can socialize and do things that I cannot in the real world. I enjoy sharing some of what I experience in this blog, whether or not it’s up to the standards of those who profess themselves to be arbiters of top shelf tastes. I am friendly and approachable in world and don’t mind people sharing their creations of which they are proud. After all, I’m on the grid to explore and experience.

However I’m not obligated to accept gifts, to promote shops and events and to be back-up for anyone’s stance on anything. I’ve removed this link from my profile but don’t want to make this personal blog private.

It is rather awkward when people do a wham-bam friend request, send me a link to “Hey! Check Out This Stuff!” and don’t do anything more to interact, but I can handle that.  At first I feel embarrassed for people when they pretend to want to get to know me so they can figure out how to fit me into their slick PR campaign. People can be kind of translucent in their goals, even online.

on the road_003

There’s nothing wrong with someone wanting me to embed videos, reblog their promotional posts or even have my blog sponsor their productions per se. When they’re on a roll, it’s even understandable when they have their assistants make repeated requests. But I choose not to do those things and my “no” means “no”. Especially when it has become clear that I am so not considered to be in their league. (And let me be clear–this isn’t even a well-read, well-known blog I have here. Do these people even have any sense of who I am?)

Becoming colder and venomous is not a good strategy with me. And just because I’m not obnoxiously for you, doesn’t mean I’m against you. There really is room for everyone to thrive here; who is keeping score on who’s winning or losing?

Art and creativity to me is something that comes from the heart and soul. It somehow makes the journey to the mind and hands, is expressed and wonderfully, hopefully continues the journey to the hearts and souls of others.

Sure, it can be calculated by some. Surveys taken, trends sniffed out, tipping points managed. The recording industry has been doing that for years.  It’s a tough world and who am I to question how others obtain their success.

My modus operandi is usually to skirt around issues, give the benefit of the doubt and avoid drama when humans behave badly. In context, I usually count on them eventually having the dawn rise on alienating behavior.

on the road_004

And I guess I’ve incorrectly assumed that most everyone knows that those who are blatant, relentless perfectionists are carrying some very deep shame. Denigrating and coldly denouncing the imperfect expressions of others is a cry for help in my book. When someone is that harsh with others, how can they not be tormenting themselves on some level? When they must spend the most on their pixels, work so hard to project an image and brand and make sure I GET IT how superior they are, I just have to shake my head.

I am here to relax and play. And not with mean, toxic people who attempt to manipulate me into doing their bidding. Just whatever the fuck gives anyone the impression for long that I am lost and looking to be someone’s minion?

In some conversations, the subjects are mostly about the other party and their agendas. I am a kind person; I can overlook that for a while. But of course, in time, I will avoid being in proximity of that. I am not using my leisure time to validate anyone when obviously nothing will ever, ever, ever be enough support to fill whatever void there is in them.

It was painful to me to witness brilliant friends with so-called handicaps and disabilities disrespected. One friend is highly respected in his field, a researcher with a Doctorate, has a high I.Q., and has successfully maintained positions of great responsibility. More importantly, he is kind with a sense of humor. Less significantly to me, he also has Parkinson’s. I am not giving up on my dream of virtual worlds being accessible and friendly for everyone, whatever their ability and inclination.

With the problems the world is facing, we need input from everyone. Oh how far we could go if people and their contributions, individually and in teams, were treated with a little more reverence. If we didn’t feel entitled to just rip off their stuff and run without a fair exchange of compensation, if we could acknowledge the support they give us as being enough and good enough, if we just let go of paying attention to what doesn’t resonate with us for the time being instead of comparing out loud how awesome our stuff is and how bad their creativity and expression sucks.

With all my flaws, humanity and imperfections, I get to choose what I like, who and what I support and I get to tune out toxic bullies. Go ahead, keep using your methods and good luck with it all. I hope you eventually find the peace, fulfillment, SLebrity fame or whatever it is you’re seeking. But I am not going to be a cog in anyone’s success machine.

And those Great Unwashed you disdain? Just who is perfect enough to be your audience?

on the road_005So, accidentally Zen? I’ve never formally studied Zen but I think those who have been practicing for decades have wafted it into the collective and made it easier for us all to tap into if we so wish. And I keep running into the subject in novels and such, realizing I have somehow found my way into many of the concepts quite by accident. “Oh, I understand that!”

Except when I become passionate about something such as the right for everyone to make art, and write and create things themselves if they so choose instead of being limited to supporting the unsustainable and insatiable needs of others.

The photos here were taken on the road somewhere near the East River Community on the continent of Sansara in May of 2014.

And now this blog will go back to it’s regularly scheduled programming.