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And here’s the Active Art Gallery in the neighborhood near Kate’s place in Ghamb that I mentioned on Wednesday. The top photo is a view from the window into the garden below.


There are three floors of art and also some gadgets. The owner gave me an RSVP Event Reminder Hud. I was going to stash it in my inventory but she walked me through it and made sure I knew how to use it. It’s really easy; it reminded me of an event fifteen, ten and five minutes before it began. The Hud is small; I moved it to the side of my screen.


There are different types of art curated by the gallery owner, GeeJAnn Blackadder. aa_2Art can be rented! I’m not quite sure how it works, but it can be rented for any amount of time at reasonable prices. I think it’s a great way to support artists and have the ever-changing stuff that most of us seem to prefer.  I don’t feel great about stashing art in my inventory, kind of like stashing pets, even though it’s just pixels.  aa_1This is a view over the water at the front of the gallery. I can walk from here to Kate’s little 512 plot without getting ejected from anywhere at this time.