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This building is by POST. It’s called Palomar House (I think) and a friend put it up at her place in Gamb on the continent of Jeogeot. This was her first mainland plot. She swapped it after having a Linden Home for years which she used mostly as a dressing room. She let her homeless friends use it too but they couldn’t unpack things there which was a motivating factor in switch.

It’s a 512 plot and the building fits well with lots of yard space. It isn’t on the marketplace yet and was sitting in front of the POST store when we looked at it. It was a May thing for a shopping event called The Neighborhood and I’m not sure how that works. I hope it wasn’t a limited time only deal.


Most of the stuff in here is from POST, except for the Tatty Soup rug, the love seat, Victorian tea Trolley and art. The building has a high land impact for a 117 limit place but my friend thinks it’s well worth it and so do I. I had a recent post about her placing a Culprit Wayfarer’s Rest on a 512 plot.

I helped her find this land. She had taken a class at Caledon Oxbridge University taught by Lindal Kidd about buying land and highly recommends it. I had wanted her to get a place near one of my favorite art galleries, the Placebo Gallery, but the surrounding areas are kind of a mess. So we went down the roads looking at the World Map at land for sale and she found this place for $L 512. The Lindens were selling it; lots of other land is more expensive even though there’s abandoned land everywhere.


This is about the fourth building she’s had on it in about six months. She doesn’t log on much and likes to have the place for her landless friends. What she didn’t know is that they could see ban lines on the empty patch next to it. I guess there’s a reason for that but next to a small plot it’s ugly. That is what prompted her to get a second and then third 512.

My dress is the May group gift from Ever An’ Angel and I wore it for well over a week.

ghambThis is one of my favorite places to hang out, even more so since Kate is thinking about moving buildings around again.

I like to wander around the nearby community,that doesn’t have ban lines. I was contacted the other day by a nearby gallery owner with an invitation to see her art garden and gallery.  We hadn’t met before; she said I was on her radar. At first I thought maybe it was because of my appreciative blogging about art in Second Life. A little later I realized it was more likely from the times I wandered all over the nearby park.

/me laughs.