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I noticed that the 1920’s Berlin Project role play sim was having an Open House day on the 29th as part of their five day birthday celebration. It was a day when visitors and tourists were welcome without having to adhere to the strict rules. I’d never been to the sim what with me being a giant who wears weird outfits. Regular readers of my blog know I love to see inside people’s homes, so even though my human had lots to do, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Above is a photo of some partying in the biergarten. I noticed that the sim owner, Frau Jo Yardley has her office conveniently located next to it.


I very much enjoyed this frst visit, spending hours there. I’d seen a few pictures of the sim, had visited the vintage shops nearby and watched a Designing Worlds episode about it quite some time ago.


The homes that were open had signs in front of them indicating such. It was a good thing that only a fraction of them were open otherwise I would have been there all day. I went into some wealthy homes and also apartments. I would have liked to see a slum area but wasn’t able to locate one. I’m sure I missed things as the place seemed huge to me. It looks like the countryside has room for expansion.


There’s a possibility (no promise) that Jo Yardley will open a London sim and I’m very much looking forward to that.

My favorite thing about this visit was wallpaper and rugs. Really!


There are sources of information about this sim and the events during the celebration that can be found elsewhere. What I focused on besides enjoyment was taking photos. I took over 40 photos in all; you can see the mostly raw shots in a flickr collection.

On Monday, June 2nd is a relaxed rules day, all day, when 1920’s attire is not required and you don’t have to be human.