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I’ve been keeping an eye on the Gulf of Lune, the salt marshes that are part of the Calas Galadhon park system. I’m pleased that the sim is all right for the month of May. While the rest of the park sims are lovely, the Gulf of Lune is unique and so I’m surprised when it lags behind in donations compared to the other sims.

Calas is depending on donations to help keep the park open. There are break down reports of how the sims are doing and the Gulf was second to last for much of the month. As of a few days ago it had reached only 24% of the goal. Of course things don’t stay forever, but every month it’s still here gives a chance for new residents to see the virtual gems that it is. The tugboat is gone but otherwise things seem to remain the same for the time being. Enjoy the photos from this month.