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Stanford Before_001

This is the 512 plot of a friend. It’s in Stanford, the 4th sim to go online in SL and was named after an alley near the LL San Francisco office. It’s grandfathered that you can terraform +40 or -40 here but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

The land for sale here is very expensive and it seemed unusual that a 512 plot would be available so she purchased it impulsively. It was terraformed like this and the villa came with the place. Her plan was to use the house for a while until she could learn to terraform by taking a class at Builder’s Brewery.

See that hole in the roof near the balloons? There used to be a large palm tree growing through it. The villa was set to $L0 so she could take possession of it but the tree wasn’t linked.   Stanford Before_002

Neither were the doors, windows, fireplace and teleport system. I was there when she blew them up, or rather returned them to the previous owner of the land. It was funny! But the open breezy feel was appealing and she kept the house like this for over three months.Stanford Before_003

To go downstairs we just dropped through the floor.

Stanford Before_004

To get on the roof without flying, she got a simple ladder that worked fine. The pillows in the hole on the floor were for lounging as well as to break the falls. She grew to really like the villa but wanted The Wayfarer’s Rest by Culprit.

Stanford Before_005

She mostly wants to use the place for hanging out and to display art. I put out some of the low land impact things I had in my inventory. A 512 plot allows for a land impact of 117.

After purchasing the building she wanted she attempted to terraform; I wasn’t around to witness that. To smooth the edges, she would have had to raise it a lot and make her area smaller. Since at least one of the neighbors never logs on, she’s accepting this for the time being.

Here’s what the building looks like. It’s 57 land impact, which leaves 60 to work with; this wasn’t an impulsive decision.

She made do with a Linden Home for the first three years. It was basically a dressing room.

Here’s an excellent post about furnishing a Linden Home. I’ll update with progress on this lighthouse and visitors will be welcome.