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Roadside Garden Cafe_005

“Relax, sit down and grab a free coffee!” I discovered this Roadside Garden Cafe while travelling. It’s a sweet use of a 512 plot; land impact is 104. This area was claimed about a month ago and I found it shortly afterwards. I’ve returned several times while my human is doing some work online.

Roadside Garden Cafe_002So what if there’re some signs visible down the road; I’m grateful I don’t need a perfect world to function in. I enjoy dessert and naps while my human is busy and no one bothers me about my wearing the helmet I got at Imago Anatopism a few days ago.

Roadside Garden Cafe_001I’m delighted that someone made this to share with the rest of us. And I successfully tracked down the store where this fencing came from and it was pleasing to me too. But that’s another post for another day.

Roadside Garden Cafe_003