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hero's journey_01

These are photos and notes on my experience at Imago Anatopism at LEA 10. In my opinion it’s well worth at least one visit. I think I’ve heard it’s only available through May so you might want to check that.

There are recommended windlight settings for Firestorm, which I don’t use. In the notes I picked up at the landing, it was stated that 99% of the installation is the lighting and I’ll take their word for it. When I tried the region setting on the Lab viewer I simply couldn’t see and it wouldn’t have worked for photos so I did just fine doing it my way here.

hero's journey_02

I returned this morning and noted that it’s featured in the LL destination guide. The write-up about it there, mentioning “study of persona, mosiac and chameleon, intimate or distanced” didn’t have anything to do with my experiences. Perhaps I missed something, but I don’t think so.

I read the story notecards about the journey of Volund the Elf, picked up and tried on the gifts at each of the 12 stages and took my falling off the platforms several times in stride.

hero's journey_03

This installation has something to do with Joseph Campbell’s work with myths. I’m not familiar with that although I’ve heard of it. Again, it’s a worthwhile experience however much or little you know of the background.

There is kind of soft lighting along clear walkways that first go down several of the stages and then go back up as the hero Volund, returns.  On my first visit one of the main artists, Alpha Auer was there with the machinimist Tutsy Navarathna and some other friends.  I had to leave, laughing, because I was a little embarrassed as I kept falling off the stages. In the upper right corner of the photo below you can see what the stage and walkway up look like.

hero's journey_05

There are poses in with the gifts and also several poseballs in the installation for those who like to photograph our avatars in the scenes. This installation is very well done and I’m pleased I made the time to visit.