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Ahh, that pesky real life is keeping my human on her toes.

I want to write a little about my experiences with participating in this Artwalk as well as with looking at the art. My previous two posts are about the sculpture gardens and I’d like to have these posts as a reference for next year for if, as another blogger mentioned, “we’re all still here”.

Last year I recall teleporting in several times and feeling overwhelmed. This year I psyched myself into a approaching it differently and learned it’s well organized and easy enough to navigate. Above, I’m riding the Hedge-a-pillar which travels by all of the 2D art in the three areas.

rsaw_004The green, yellow and fuschia thing shown in the above photo is what you click on to get your ride. They are around the landing points and have room for you and a group of friends. Sometimes when riding, your Hedge-a-piller might merge with another tour group briefly which can be amusing or hilarious.

rsaw_001Everyone is welcome to submit art. I’ve seen art by avatars who’ve exhibited at SL10B, OBR and LEA as well as artists with their own galleries. And I was welcome too! :). I helped two other avatars who’ve not done this before and we all say the people in charge of this are very helpful and welcoming; the application process and setting up is efficient and simple.

The application is submitted online, with the avatar and type of art (SL or RL photography, painting, etc.) info needed. There are 15 prims allowed for each applicant’s 2D art. The framed art must be 1 prim and free framing kits are available for those who want them. I noticed most used their own frames. One thing that was kind of initially tricky for us was changing the RL art into the proper dimensions to upload.

The art can be sold but doesn’t have to be; not all of it is. I’ve seen $L1000 and $L25 and everything in between.

rsaw_002For those who know how, you can set up artist’s bios and links to web pages. Or if you’re like me, you can just put your pictures out and grin. You’ll have to temporarily join a group to rez. By the way, the deadline is passed for this year; this is info about the process for future reference and also encouragement to look at and support the great talent of SL artists.

The spaces are first come, first served. Most people seemed to use all their 15 prims. I started out with three pictures and later added four more in a different area when I saw there was a few blank spaces. After the first few days (and people seemed to put their art out promptly) there were big pink arrows indicating available space for a short time to make it more efficient. It seems like a maze at first but it’s all well-laid out and the Hedge-a-pillar rides make it simple to see everything.

rsaw_006When I first arrive, I have to wait a few minutes for the viewer on my laptop to stop showing gray blobs but then when riding, most of the art shows up clear enough. I have enough time to run the cursor over the pictures to get info. On my machine, the ride took less than 40 minutes to cover all three 2D areas.


There are shops surrounding the art hedges and “elevators” that can take you up to shops in trees and such. There have been lots of Dj’s and the Raglan Shire community has been partying daily. Everyone is welcome.

The sim rating is PG. No nudity. SLurls: Artwalk area 1 and Artwalk area 2.


The exhibit runs through Sunday, May 25th and there’s something for almost all tastes and budgets.

I like things that are accessible for people to participate in. After the harsh judgmental remarks about an event I participated in last year I was kind of burned and soured on joining in anything for a while. There is quite enough crap to deal with in real life, thank you. But my experience with this has been pleasant and easy enough for me to do.