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Today I have some photos from my visit to Artwalk Sculpture Area # 2 in Morning Shire bridge and park as well as Artwalk Sculpture Area # 3 in Athen Shire Village.

Above, I’m on the ladder of Painting The Sky by FreeWee. A few others in Sculpture Area # 2:


By Carmsie Melodie.

rsa_004 There are even some low land impact sculptures like these by Lux Caritatis.

Sculpture Area # 3:


By Scottius Polke.

rsa_013Quantum by Barry Nichez is fascinating.

rsa_014A few of the other pieces including some by Kicca Igaly.

This is also a residential area and some of the homes here are larger than the Tiny homes. You can stroll around looking at the 3D art. There are Hedge-A-Pillar rides for the 2D art which I’ll post about tomorrow.