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Today I have a few pictures from my visit to Artwalk Sculpture Area # 1 in Heron Shire Forest and one from the Raglan Tree Gallery.  More detailed information about Raglan Shire Artwalk 2014 can easily be found elsewhere. Most of the art on display can be purchased, including the sculptures. In the photo above I’m looking at sculpture by MADD.


Dangerous Game by Giovanna Cerise. This 3D piece can be walked into and has dynamic shifting and color changes.


Freedom part 3 by zaly Lyter is also dynamic and the black background shown here becomes a changing screen. There are several poseballs and you can see my avatar playing inside the scene here.


Here is a home for Tinies. Raglan Shire is a community and there are cute little houseboats and treehouse for rent. There’s been lots of dancing and partying going on during this artwalk and who knows what all goes on during the rest of the year.


In the photo above I’m floating in the Ice Castle by Giovanna Cerise.


By Mia Anais.


The Raglan Tree Gallery appears to be a more permanent exhibit place. Above is SL and RL photography by Karmagirl Avro.

I’ll be posting some photos of the other areas this week.