Eve Doll_005

No, I haven’t been possessed by a fashion blogger. I’m still me and still considering becoming a bird.  I was going to take a day off from posting today. Yesterday afternoon my alt logged in, the one who intends to learn to make stuff but gets distracted. So the alt is in these groups and got a notecard and LM about the new generation of avatars.

Eve Doll_004

I went to check it out at the store location and was favorably impressed by the way I was greeted and with the customer service. I decided to thank the creators with a brief post with a link to the Magic Worlds Studio blog post about the Eve avatar.

Eve Doll_003Nana Saenz in the gold dress was assisting customers and called Pierre Ceriano to answer a few questions.

My alt prefers to be treated well, as do I and Mr. Ceriano was kind, helpful and professional.  If you’re interested in blogging the Eve avatar, you can contact him for information, but please be patient and give him the time he needs to respond.