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Ebisu Gardens_04

The pods on the mainland continents are struggling lately. There’s something going on with the sims. Log outs, lag and simply stopping can happen. I thought it was my laptop but there’s been a group announcement about the issues. The pods have been such a plus to my exploration that I’d been taken the troubles in stride easily.

Very recently I was travelling in one and saw these bright shinies in the distance. Ebisu Gardens: “Boating, jetskis, kiteboards, rafting, hang gliding, skydiving, scuba. diving, galleries, space station/sky lounge. Explore the Gardens. Marine life, lots of tunnels & caves. Quiet beaches. Rez your boat & sail. Free Parking.”

Ebisu Gardens_01Usually I’m not attracted to bright, shiny and busy so much but I’ve just finished watching the first season of The Walking Dead and ewww. I hoped off the pod and had a relaxing look around and knew that some might enjoy all the activities here. I tried kiteboarding. Nice for me that no one was watching at the time.

Ebisu Gardens_03There’s a small information kiosk that gives a notecard with more stuff on it than I copied from the “about land” for this post.

Ebisu Gardens_05 I only saw part of what all’s here. There are lounge areas, tai chi and meditation too if you aren’t up for the more athletic types of recreation.  Ebisu Gardens_02

I found the underwater areas but not the art gallery. I totally forgot attending to what light setting I was using. These type of photos are difficult for me but I intended to show something of what the experience is like. It’s a place worth checking out.