palace of tears_01

I’ve been enjoying blog photos of Fantasy Faire, especially Sanctum and Palace of Tears. I’ve taken lots of photos too and for this post I’d like to show some of Haveit Neox’s art installation. I did well enough staying out of the way of the hunters. The hunt was written by David Abbot and I’m sure it’s fun. There were some fascinating looking avatars around when I was snapping pics and they sure seemed to be enjoying themselves.

palace of tears_02

I might have had lag and crashing but I honestly don’t remember now. I have lots of raw photos which I’ll play with some day when I don’t want to do something else.

palace of tears_04

All of the Fantasy Faire sims are worth a visit and I could tell lots of heart was put into creating them. I climbed high above Hope’s Horizon (by Jaimy Hancroft) to the small courtyard. I also found the mermaid lagoon in Wiggenstead Mooring (by Kayle Matzerath).

palace of tears_05

The Palace of Tears was designed and built by Rynn Verwood and is a gorgeous place for photography.

palace of tears_06I liked the inside of the palace too. Some of the rooms are bare and I was mentally putting decor in.

There are so many things I want to do and I’m glad when I somehow make time to visit these places that here for a short period of time only.