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Route 12_002

Meanwhile back on the mainland, here’s a pleasant walk you can take. There wasn’t much lag when I did this recently and it doesn’t take a long time.

Route 12_001

The SLurl for Route 12 will have you arriving at the location shown in the above photo. The blacktop road ends and the path leads between lots of nice houses. They’re all private so you need to stay on the road. Further on there’s a fine art gallery and a kittycat place on the right where you can enter if you want.

Route 12_004

These signs are located several places on route 12. You can click on a star and teleport to another location. I turned to the right here and walked up a hill. The path loops around back to this place where the sign is. Route 12_005

Here’s an information center which was last updated in 2010. But we can be intrepid explores anyway, right?Route 12_006

There’s a variety of good SL type houses overlooking the water. Lots of ban lines too but still a nice walk.
Route 12_007This hilly area has lots of land for sale. It’s a great location but also very expensive in my opinion. I didn’t check the traffic to get an idea if people actually log in here or whether they just do tier upkeep.

This is a gentle walk on the mainland if you don’t want your eyes to hurt.