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time out_002

What drew me in to check out the showcase sim, Time Out, from the destination guide were the words “calming but frightening”. What?

It’s also described as “fun and unique” which I tend to be suspicious of. I soon discovered what is meant by “frightening”. I’m going to return anyway.

If you’re in the mood for a one-themed experience, this isn’t one. There are different areas, which include a playground, trashy trailer place, picnic area, pleasant home, beach, Irish Pub and others, all photogenic. There are signposts to help direct you, one of which you can see in the right background of the above picture. It looks like the kind of place I wished I’d seen when I was new to get a better idea of the variety that SL has to offer, yet I can still enjoy it as an almost-three-year-old.

time out_001I went on the weekend and there were several people hanging out near the landing. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten so many friend requests from strangers; someone was in local requesting a “relationship right now”. There’s some info about a photo contest which sounds really good; some of you might want to check that out.

This picture above was taken near the landing. This is the inside of the Edwardian Folly by Culprit. (I’ve been to see Culprit’s new Wayfarer’s Rest Lighthouse no less than three times already. I love it.)

time out_007I didn’t go into the Irish Pub yet. These birds on the beach are as big as me!

time out_008Soon I arrived at a spooky place and that’s when I started to grin. To the right of this photo there are some stone stairs. I climbed them.

time out_009I arrived here. Real Life called and I didn’t get to go into the house, but that’s what I’m going back for. I might check out the pub first, on my way.

The house can be seen in the back of the top photo. I’d taken the long way to get there.