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Poseidon Island_02

These pictures were taken at Poseidon Island near The Sea of Fables in Sansara a few weeks ago when I logged in with no agenda except for keeping an awareness of my frustration levels regarding lag, grayness and crashes, etc. I explored this lovely place and picked up a sailboat from here, which was easier than usual for me to steer.

I thought the light was prettiest at sunset, which is shown in these pictures. Most of the buildings are empty with a few crates or a vase of fresh flowers here and there. There were other people there each of the three times I visited and it seemed to not be a socializing place, although I did peek at profiles.

It had begun by my walking down some road which eventually turned into walking in place, so my human got up for a drink not caring if I’d end up underwater, facing some wall or being ejected. I did find myself underwater near the Jules Verne museum but couldn’t figure out where the entry is. Then I hopped into a plane which was nearby and found myself flying, stretched out on the wings. (The planes were only there the first time I visited.) It was going to return from Poseidon Island, so I jumped off to explore.


When I left by sailboat, I traveled pretty far (for me) on the river until I managed to steer into some ban area and got ejected because I don’t have hair trigger reflexes. But this time instead of ending up underwater or at home, I landed in a club. Now there’s one way to get traffic! It was one of those marvelous places in SL where someone can have a mix of their interests. This one was a Blues & Jazz club, had breedables and also pirate warfare!


Yesterday, my only agenda for SL was to attend an LEA event in support of a new artist, Tansee. There was a particle show and DJ and I wanted to be there even though I have no working audio and my graphics are troublesome. But I want to make a separate post about that.

Later I remembered that I wanted to see H220 as soon as possible because I missed 2304 Rain last year and that was a disappointment for me. I went and that’s a whole blog post too. I really enjoyed it. Along with Frisland, The Trace, Oslo Okiddo and a few others, I’m pleased I made time to see it. I also like parts of Time Out and parts of Venezia City Showcase, of which I haven’t seen much coverage.

I’ve just helped two friends with putting art in the Raglan Shire Artwalk and intend to blog about that. And I’ve gone to see Culprit’s new lighthouse, which I love. A friend likes it so much she wants to put one on her 512 plot. It’s 57 land impact, which will leave her 60 prims to work with. I think it can be done!

Anyway, I ended up taking 75 pictures yesterday, made two new friends, reconnected with three old friends and was given several new landmarks. One of the landmarks was just a name and co-ordinates typed in chat. I didn’t know how to find a place with that kind of info but eventually did by finding the area, jumping off a bridge and hovering creepily in the air until I eventually got it.

For being a weekend, SL was unusually kind to me; no crashes at all.  I hope I can get organized and follow through on these posts. I’m not done with Fantasy Faire either. Oh, and I found some more places I don’t hate shopping in, like I did with Art Dummy recently.

So this is more wordy than usual. A lot of SL posts and plans go on in my head but by the time I’m ready to blog, it often ends up with my just putting some photos in and writing some very plain and basic stuff. I read and skim a lot of blogs too, which is where I get some good inspiration, direction and also learn how I’m pretty much doing things wrong. 🙂