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art dummy_01

It’s a good idea. And when you lose your balance or have a meltdown, you can remember to do what you can to take good care of yourself.   art dummy_02

Some of the pleasant places to visit in Second Life are around stores. I’ve been to several lately including here at Art Dummy. The store itself looks great as does their stuff. When I checked a few of the items scattered around the hangout area, many seemed to be made by other brands and that’s the sort of appreciation I like to see.  art dummy_03

I don’t remember why I went here but I stayed for a while.art dummy_04

There’s plenty of light and space and no jarring colors or shapes.art dummy_05I hope all my readers have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be inworld a while to attend to some things but my priority screen time will be watching the annual Merrie Monarch hula competition which is streamed live from the Big Island.