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lost town

One of the virtual places I return to is Lost Town and here are some photos taken there with art by CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur.  Information is available near the landing. lost town_02

There are four eggs you can hunt to obtain avatars. I’m not good at hunting but I found all four, or rather my alt did. What I’ll tell you is that three were easy to find and the fourth was a little ways out; also they are about the size of my head and easily seen. 

lost town_03

The two sewer photos I posted Tuesday were taken in Lost Town.

lost town_04

I’ve been considering using a bird avatar for a while and I actually have one from my role playing days in Legacies 1891. I’m finding the need to be way more efficient with my time in SL and even the minimal I do with my avatar appearance slows me down. I haven’t unpacked the eggs on my alt account yet, but one of them might work.lost town_05I liked the cats too.

This is a great sim to visit repeatedly. There’s a sense of stability and place yet they have a freshness of art installations that change.