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art'e_004While I don’t spend a lot of time and effort perfecting my photography, I am conscious of what I do and don’t include in pictures. There are many approaches to blogging other people’s art including in the wild west of virtual reality. The artwork I’m looking at through the window above is real life paintings brought into the Art’e Gallery in the East River Community on Sansara.

art'e_003You can pick up info on the artist, Ohsoleomio, from a clickable bio sign just inside the door.  There’s a link to a website with over 700 pieces. She’s worked in acrylics, watercolors, pencils and inks and is concentrating on digital art right now. She’s taken paintings and applied them to bowls, vases, glass panels and other objects. After reading the notecards, I have the impression the artist is approachable for questions, requests, etc.

art'e_002I like to explore around an area these days instead of simply teleporting in and out so often. Odd maybe, for someone who doesn’t like to take time to change her outfit for every different activity. I wandered up to a hang-out place on the roof top of the gallery after I looked at the two floors of paintings.


Anyway, here are some of the pieces, carefully positioned in the picture. It’s a pleasant and inspiring place to spend some time.