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Bates Motel_004I’d forgotten that Bates Motel Apocalypse was in Second Life and recently I made my first visit out of curiosity. It’s the location for a zombie fighting game and that hadn’t appealed to me before. Once you’re inside the house or the motel, the zombies leave you alone so I was able to take some photos. There’s supposedly a free hud available to fight them although I didn’t see where to pick it up. The landmark I got in Search had me arriving in the parking lot near the sign.

Bates Motel_008Television is boring to me these days but I’m amused with watching episodes of Bates Motel. Inside the house setting on the series, I sometimes think it would be great to walk around in it. That’s what set me off on my exploration. There are plenty of zombies and other creepy things in the woods and grounds, actually more than I’ve seen anywhere else in SL. They bumped into me like newbies which made me a little dizzy after a while.

Bates Motel_003I looked into a few of the motel rooms. I tried out the shower but nothing happened, maybe because I wasn’t wearing the hud. I was the only avatar around at the time but I checked to see that there has been traffic recently.

Bates Motel_011This must be Norman’s room. I went into the basement of the house but there was no taxidermy stuff.

It can’t end well.

Bates Motel_009My laptop has no audio these days so I’m sure I missed out on some amazing ambient sounds but my visit made me laugh and was a pleasant break to my day.