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Spring has arrived at Seni Seviyorum and Asalia, which now has the Waterwheel House. It’s one of my favorite places and I rested there recently after travelling the roads of the mainland and also looking at art.

I see art that I like and some not so much, including some of the LEA exhibits. I’ve wondered why some were awarded grants instead of others. I asked and learned that some of the intention is to encourage new artists which totally makes sense to me. There’s no shortage of amazingly creative artists inworld. I’ve talked with new residents who are learning to build, to make art and to bring their real life art into virtual reality as well as some of the older residents who’d like to see what they can learn and do. So I appreciate the generosity of Linden Lab and the work and time of the LEA volunteers to help the arts thrive in SL and also to encourage new artists and give them a chance they might not otherwise have to express themselves, whether or not I like their particular style.

asalia_010The above photo shows the region setting for light in the Lab Viewer. (The windlight is called Ghostly Manor.) I enjoyed it while exploring but changed the light in the other photos later to something I like better.

asalia_011Inside the home at Seni Seviyorum, which means “I love you” in Turkish.

asalia_012The above photo was taken outside the home. You can walk across a narrow wooden bridge to Asalia House.

asalia_014The home has a lot of rooms and I explored them all; I love the decor. I’ve seen several other Waterwheel Houses, including one at the Island of Zen. They’ve all been private homes so this is the first time I’ve been inside one.

asalia_016There are two crows on the porch outside and I liked them so much that I’ve used my photo with them for my new header.

You can walk through the woods in back and arrive at a Pandemonium Lighthouse, climb to the top and get an excellent view of the whole area.