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Park Way, Pryeri_001The building on the right in the photo is the Virtual Reality Learning Institute. This is a small area on the mainland with historical places and shops on Park Way, Pryeri. There are maps, a free bear and information on premium membership, land ownership and auctions. An indicator showed 56,000 residents were logged in.

You can pick up a free shape at Magic Avi in the building on the far left of this photo and across the street from that is the new location of Ample Avi where a gift of a woman’s slender, curvy shape is available.

Park Way, Pryeri_002Nearby is a Gypsy Vardo campsite.

Park Way, Pryeri_003There’s a typical 2007 home. From the notecard:

“I am a typical home for a Second Life resident in the year 2007.

All items used to create this homesite were either provided free in the Iventory Library for each new Resident, or were available at the Orientation Island where a new Resident entered Second Life for the first time.

This “I am” note card dispenser helped residents settle near others who shared some of the same interests.

Before you purchased your land, you would probably have checked the “I am” signs in the area to learn about the people who had already settled nearby.

After you purchased a plot of land, you would edit this card to describe your own interests so that others could check your card.”

Park Way, Pryeri_004Crossroads Church notecard:

“Crossroad Church – originally established at the crossroads in Sundana and relocated to Iris, where it remained for 5 years. It relocated to Pryeri in 2013.

Churches are quite common in Second Life, with most faiths represented. Some churches hold regular services and others, like this church, are places for quiet meditation.”

Park Way, Pryeri_005The Pryeri Island Lighthouse and Keeper’s Cottage shown above is open to the public. It’s nearby and a LM can be obtained at the Learning Institute.