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Frisland_001I’ve looked at most of the new showcase places listed in the destination guide and Frisland is one of my favorites. There’s always people around and some are in these photos. So far everyone has been either friendly or minding their own business.

Frisland_003SLurls aren’t working for me this weekend; not from other blogs or the destination guide so I’m not providing one here.

Frisland_005 There are homes and other buildings to explore. When you first arrive, there are sim rules that need to be read. I used region settings on the Lab viewer and lightened the exposure on my pics.

Frisland_006 It’s a place that some newbies arrive at to edit appearance and such.

Frisland_008There’s a beach. There are small boats and you can get a bike to ride. I climbed to the top of the build and believe I’ve looked at most all there is to see. Most views are great for photography.

Frisland_009It’s been open for a while and there have always been others around at all hours of my day or night. It should be easy to find in Search or the destination guide if SLurls and teleporting are working for you at this time.

Earlier I tried a SLurl to a shopping event I picked up from one of the blogs. Eventually I had to wade through listings in Search and when I finally arrived I found a very disorganized mess. Huge rooms with teensy displays of products. Perhaps some of these events are not for the general public or are for people who spend most of their time shopping and have developed skills and acquired insider info. When I realized I have plenty of stuff in inventory I don’t use already, I came to my senses and decided to use my mind and detective skills for real life stuff.

So, it’s good that I can be content to just sit and take photos, wearing the same outfit for weeks when I’m logged on.