zen_002 This is the courtyard of The Island of Zen which I wrote a little about yesterday. The Zen Creations store is underneath this area.

I was amused to find a group called “I’m Your Mom’s Alt” which is also the title you get when you join. The description for the group is “Log off Second Life and go clean your room, Young Man!” zen_004 What amused me was the timing, having just had an encounter with a supposed 22 year old male.

Everyone has different perspectives on adding friends and I don’t invest a lot of time in wondering about the behavior of others, considering that it has way more to do with them than with me. I don’t accept friend requests without some sort of conversation first and some reason for doing so. Sometimes I have a one time conversation with a person and that’s fine. If an encounter has been reasonably pleasant and they request an add, I don’t like to decline.

What sometimes happens then, especially with guy avatars, is they seem to expect to be pursued perhaps. But when I log on I’m happy to explore or hang out and relax by myself even though I don’t mind people messaging me. We all get sad and lonely sometimes but believe me, I don’t log onto SL when I am. I’m much more likely to go to a nearby coffee shop or call a friend. Or go to my fridge.

Anyway, after listening to this guy talk about his project a few weeks ago, I then got a friend request from him. I accepted but after that had no reason to pursue him. The other evening I got an IM from him asking me, “Who are you again?” (Aren’t the young usually expected to have better memories?)  I was polite but he abruptly decided we should say good bye.  This happens to me enough that I now expect it but don’t want to be mean when someone asks to be added as a contact.

Shortly afterwards I was amused to see someone with the “I’m Your Mom’s Alt” title. I was tempted to get one but then thought better of it.


These pictures were cropped and the exposure changed. There’s something about this sim that makes it easy to take great pictures.