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Island of Zen_01Here are some photos from The Island of Zen. It’s a small island with home rentals and shops. You can ride bikes, dance or hire a boat. What I find unusual is there aren’t benches or places to sit except for a couple of swings or the ends of some docks. The photos I’ve taken here have easily turned out better than my usual work. I lightened the exposure so they’ll show up better in this post.Island of Zen_02 A writer friend has a place there and says everything is very well managed. There’s usually at least one place of the unique homes available but most are rented. There are shops around a courtyard on the higher part of the island including a shop with nice free items. The Zen Creations shop, which is huge and sells adult furniture, is underneath that area but kind of hidden so the island is beautiful and doesn’t seem at all like a shopping mall place. Island of Zen_03There are lighthouses and windmills and other interesting places that can be rented. The surrounding ocean is beautiful. It’s a very nice, mixed used place and I’ll have a few more photos tomorrow.