Terra Incognita

The new Terra Incognita: “This tiny shop is a virtual travel agency. It offers visitors a portal of discovery by showcasing two places in SL each month: one light, one dark.”

I find most of the places I explore through the destination guide and WordPress blogs. Sometimes people give me landmarks and I’ve also found unique places I’d have likely never discovered by looking in the Picks of random people around me. That can be an adventure because often the place has vanished.

Another excellent destination resource is the Terra Incognita travel agency located in Avalon Town. The light and dark destinations change every month. If you’re not a photographer, there’s an art photo of each destination for the month available for purchase. You can pick up gifts of a travelling trunk and copper teapot as well as info and sit and flip through the pages of a photo book. While you’re there, you can also explore some of the nearby art galleries.