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it starts with a smile_012

When I made several visits to It All Starts With a Smile, I took a lot of pictures and it wasn’t easy to pick my favorites for this eventual post. While all the views were lovely, my favorite things were the cats and little pigs.

it starts with a smile_010

Most of my visits were weeks ago when spring in real life was less evident. I found the build to be relaxing as well as inspiring for dreaming about creative activities.it starts with a smile_018I believe I used the region setting on the Lab viewer. My intention is way more to encourage you to slow down and explore for yourself than to have accurate footnote-like facts.¬†it starts with a smile_019 There’s a lot to see and indeed it took several visits for me to feel like I hadn’t missed anything.it starts with a smile_007And one thought I’d like to add: There’s need and place in the world for intellectual prowess and tactical strategies but heart people are the future.