mainland_01 These are photos I took not too long ago and I retraced my steps early Sunday morning to look for changes. The place above is still there. There are little hidden places and it’s quite nice–no ban lines but I looked to make sure no one was around. The traffic was 0 and nothing else in the about land info was discouraging.

I started at the Placebo Gallery and took a left. There’s a lot of empty space along the road and it looks like none of it’s for sale at this time. In not much time, I reached an intersection and noticed that a mall had disappeared. I took another left, got up to get a drink and when I returned noticed in local chat that I must have gotten run over by a Duncan Farm truck. mainland_02 Moving into Cloudrider, the road looks like this. Perhaps there’s bunches of skyboxes above.

There are some great blogs that have posts about the mainland. One is Across Sansara on Foot. Also Tour Sl and Crash Here are unique blogs I enjoy too.   mainland_03

These Shetlands were still here as of early Sunday and there were a handful of people in the area too.


It’s always touching to see pet memorials in Second Life. These two photos above were taken in Yama. I continued on, noting some changes and walked past a Nifty 50’s Diner in Sirrakuk.

mainland_05And further on there’s a huge stretch of road that has a hodge podge of stuff built, some of it hideous. There are lots of ban lines and also security orbs that will eject you in about 5 or 10 seconds if you wander off the road.

This is near the area where Pomponne used to be.  The public had access but it vanished a day or two before my scheduled post.

I stopped in Erazor where I picked up a landmark for free protest gnomes.