It was mildly curious to me that I suddenly went off wanting to log into SL or to blog for the last week or so. Thanks to those who kindly let me know I was missed. It seems I must take breaks more often than I once thought and this was the first time I found myself sneaking in quickly to take care of a few IMs and notecards.


It’s true that I’ve been busy dealing with some real life stuff and also SL is messing with my laptop; I crash way more than I used to. Those things have happened before but I would miss SL when I couldn’t log on or get frustrated with the crashing. This time it was different. My tastes are changing again which is fine for me but not always welcomed by my contacts.


Pages turn, water flows under bridges and days go by. I have no desire to live in the past. I don’t even want to look back right now.

I just want to take responsibility as best I can for my challenges in the moment and not have to explain or play emotional strip poker in virtual reality. I don’t pry into people’s lives and it’s discouraging when they lie for no good reason as far as I can tell.


And then there’s the expectations for things I don’t have to give and are not on offer. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again–my energy is limited and precious. It’s true that things are chaotic for everyone now; I’m staying out of the fray whenever I can. I’ve got a remote in my hand and my attention is going to go to what stimulates, nourishes and comforts me.


So, I’m fine and taking good care of myself. And to make it easier to return to SL after my brief respite, I visited a favorite place–Roche.