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NCW Valda_01

I jumped off a boat I was riding in and found this place underwater in Valda.  I couldn’t figure out how to get inside so I flew up out of the water.

NCW Valda_02

This is some of what can be seen above the water. On one of them is a ladder that can be climbed down into a hub.

NCW Valda_03

There are four different experiments but I couldn’t figure out how to get closer to them from this hub. I checked land traffic and it was over 1000 on the day I visited.

When I see wind farms on the grid, I know there are real life wind farms. But I know so little about engineering stuff that I wasn’t sure if this is just some cool SL thing. I googled it and found it’s been explored for some years and there’s about 20 pages of results for real life.

It looked great and I’m pleased I got my pixels home safely.