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robin loop_02

I hear from business owners about challenges of doing business on the grid. Not all can manage the limited time, event type of markets that are happening more often. Since I’ve been exploring the continents, I’ve noted some first observations of shopping after the first shock of the hodge podge of it all.

It seems that most list their stores in search and people teleport in, not being able to rely on foot/vehicle/air traffic.  Indeed some stores I’ve tried to walk into from the road were almost inaccessible due to neighboring banlines and odd parcel shapes.

In the photo above, someone has made good use of an oddly shaped 512 plot. Some of the land between the road and the plot is Linden owned, just like Seraphim Placebo mentioned is the case between the road and the Placebo Gallery which she curates.

This looks like a crash place but everything here can be purchased and is said to be low price and low prim. The low price is correct; I didn’t check the LI on individual items but there is about 20 remaining of the 117 allocation.  This location is off Robin Loop which I’ve blogged about earlier this week. Sam's Boat Shop_010

The other two photos were of a store for boats and seaplanes in Hooper, near where I explored and blogged about during the past month or so. The vehicles looked excellent for those who are into that sort of thing. It’s a wonderful location but has since been abandoned as of Monday.

Sam's Boat Shop_011

One of the yavascript transformer boats travels by here often. The areas of the mainland I’ve returned to several times, indicate changes. My first impressions had been of people rezzing stuff years ago and then forgetting about it, having the tier paid from their credit cards and never logging in. But things aren’t actually that static at all.

I like the community and world feel of houses and shops scattered about.