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isla okiddo_008This wonderful airship at Isla Okiddo was a delight for me to find. There’s art, books, comfy seating and great rugs. And tea!! It started me on one of those diversional little journeys that happen in Second Life.

The airship is from Garden of Dreams. It really does fly. Navigating safely around the grid is beyond what I’ve been able to learn so this one isn’t for me. I looked at other airships, including boarding the Albatross in Dryland, (which was closing and is likely gone by now.

AlbatrossThe Albatross is huge.

I then found a free, copy/mod Steampunk Airship on the Marketplace. It rezzes as an object and is stated to be 66 LI but mine turned out to be 67. It is static and isn’t huge, which is fine with me. Best of all there are lots of faces that can be textured which is one of the few things I’ve learned how to do so far.


I would dearly love to be more creative but when it comes to building and there are all these words like sculpties,  prims and UV maps, mesh and such, my human starts to tune out and suddenly realizes the plants could use some watering or that there’s ginger flavored bacon in the fridge.

But the approach of texturing was doable for me and I had fun with it. The airship is already textured with what’s found in the library. I used some painted metal I picked up in a hunt, some fine wood, better than the weathered boards the home came in and I left the glass alone.

I had previously bought some textures from PixelCat, somewhat in the same way my human collects vintage  and ethnic fabric. I used the Steampunk Copper and Crushed Velvet and was pleased with the result.


The indoor area and deck are spacious enough to be livable. You can stand up below deck but it felt confining to me and I wouldn’t use it. There are scripts to open the doors of the indoor area and to go below deck. You could add one to make it fly if you wish.

I was told there’s a way I could reduce the LI down and was offered to be shown that in due time. For now, the airship is tucked away in my inventory. It has dawned on me that I’ve bought so much stuff without paying real attention to some of it being modifiable. If it doesn’t work as is, I never look at it again. But it seems to be the next step is to modify items until my human is willing to  wrap her head around actually learning to make things.