isla okiddo_014

I often forget about what people refer to as Windlight when I’m exploring and taking photos. I use the Lab viewer and have no intention of learning a new one anytime soon. Mostly I use sunset for light although I like a lot of the region settings I find.

Recently I took a peek at Islo Okiddo, exploring far longer than I intended to. At some point I came across the info that it’s suggested to pick our own WindLight so I recalled that Environmental Editor existed and selected Sailor’s Delight, which is shown in the above photo.

That caused the distraction of teleporting to places I’ve been frequenting lately to see what they look like in this light.

Island of Zen

Island of Zen, where a friend has a rental.

Ghamb SD

A place I hang out in Ghamb. It was fun but I think I’m done with Sailor’s Delight for a while.

If you’ve read this far you’ve noticed that my blog looks different. It’s an experiment. I like the previous look better but then I read everything on my laptop. This theme is more-devices friendly. I’ve looked at a few of those sorts of themes in the past and always found something I didn’t care for. With this theme, I can change the background color and it will adjust the other stuff for me.

I might change it back at some point. This blog is a like a hobby for me, (not a business) and I don’t invest a lot in promoting it, but I do care that any post someone might happen to read has an appearance that is simple and pleasant to do so.