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Le Clos Miron_001

Le Clos Miron is the master house of a farm in the southwest region of France. I rezzed the house and took photos at Never Totally Dead.

Le Clos Miron_002An info packet is available including a footprint. Never Totally Dead — the wonderful store of Hackberry Hall by by BlueSean YiYuan.

Le Clos Miron_003

The walls aren’t really that pinkish. You can read the details about this home on the marketplace.

Le Clos Miron_005

Perhaps there’ll soon be a Le Clos Miron house set up with specially made furniture for it like Chateau La Lutiniere.

Le Clos Miron_004

I’m looking forward to seeing what people do with this house in world.

Le Clos Miron_007And now I see there’s an empty house set up at Desert Harbor with a few chickens in the yard.

Le Clos Miron_009