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for saleAll sorts of things happen on the mainland and the above photo is taken from one of my friend Kate’s three 512 plots, this one in Montara.  She had intended to switch out her Linden home for one parcel and then impulsively ended up with two more. It has gotten her to start logging in again after disappointments with going dancing and being involved in roleplay.

With all the low prim stuff I have in inventory, I got to set up the empty land and that was engaging for both of us. This particular place is along a waterway and Kate was alerted to it by a new resident we help, who was riding along in a yavascript boat. Kate immediately liked this place better and was going to abandon her 512 in Ghamb until it was pointed out to her that abandoning land isn’t such a good thing community-wise.

Her Montara place must have just been put for sale because over the next few days people were dropping in who’d had their eye on it. And yes, she’d changed the info in the about land to “not for sale.”

coldlogic_001She found reason to contact me again after trying on the ColdLogic anniversary gift dress that’s made with the new Materials thing, something which I didn’t quite understand. She has taken a class about Materials at Builders Brewery, which she’d found helpful and encouraged me to try my gift dress on. The fabric does look great.  The above photo was taken at her third parcel, the one in Stanford.

coldlogic_003So we were hanging out at the place in Montara, (above) talking about how many months we’d worn our boots and speculating about how many months we’d stay in these dresses.

We’ve since learned a little about land speculation and since there’s turnover in the area didn’t think much about the for sale sign that popped up about a week after someone had bought some land across the water.

Anyway, there’s been some drama, banning and the for sale sign has since been made much bigger. The small plot’s price is now jacked way up. This must be a big reason why people go for private islands.  It’s so high up that it isn’t even in view from her place but has caused people to IM her about filing an AR report for harassment since this sort of signage is said to be against the rules.

The result has been that Kate logs in less for the time being and when she does, it’s to be somewhere else. I like to hang out in Montara sometimes but don’t want to get involved with her neighbors problems.

There’s lots of people in SL and it is pretty much anonymous but some people care less about their reputation. It looks true to me that the way I do anything is the way I do everything.