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Kicca Igaly_01

Kicca Igaly was one of the artists at OBR 2014. I’m not much of a black and red person but found this piece expressive and streamlined.

Kicca Igaly_02


I’ve been helping new friends set up their first rentals. My annoyance with shopping dissipates around their excitement and I have a few skills with low prims limits that they appreciate. That has meant returning to showcase sims where some of the rentals are, after travelling the mainland for some days.

The mainland is still fascinating to me but I’ve soothed my eyes by going to see the second chapter of The Lost Garden at LEA 13 and also Isla Okiddo where I spent far too much time playing with different environmental settings. And I was thrilled when I saw a couple of blog posts yesterday about Cica Ghost’s Little Village.  That’s something to look forward to!

Kicca Igaly_03


Our whole world continues to deconstruct and reboot at an increasingly accelerating pace. It really calls on me to tune out much of what others are doing and saying. I can glance at their plates quickly and then must avert my eyes.

One of the myths about the higher dimensions is that it’s a walk through the park. It’s a little sobering to be constantly reminded that the experts don’t really know what’s right for me, what’s a truth one day is no longer true the next and the astonishing, sheer amount of what is to be let go of is relentless. And yet I carry on, hopefully not doing too much damage.