Gerstle Bay Gardens_009


I’m learning to navigate the mainland the hard way, although I have more confidence and curiosity than I did when I was younger. There’s a variety of starting points for new residents that teach about moving around, editing appearance and such but I don’t recall anything about navigating the mainland safely.

In the above photo, there is right-of-way between two private homes. When something looks like a private place, I stay away from it. Ban lines are obvious, but I also look at the address of the place in my viewer and check out the “about land” for the description. Also the covenant when it comes to taking photos.

Many places along the roads and waterways are inviting, like coffee shops and picnic areas but I tend to be cautious. When it begins to feel like too much work with little reward, I quit.  There are more people hanging around on the mainland than I would have thought, most minding their own business.

The most odd thing I’ve noticed are the security orbs right next to some roads that are set to eject people in about two seconds. I guess something caused people to choose that.

Often it’s simply easier to walk or run down a road, staying right in the middle. Easier yet is to ride a yavascript transformer. On my laptop, things usually don’t rez quickly enough for me to really get a good look as I ride along, but I can “stand” if I want to spend more time in an area.

Sometimes there are pretty little parks and I can’t tell by the description or address if the public is welcome or not. If the owner has bothered to make a list of residents who have access, I usually stay away.

lab near Gerstle Bay_014


The above photo was taken in a lab very close to the road. It wasn’t locked and there was a “sit” on the door to enter…..so I did. It was a nice, geeky lab and if I’d set it up, I’d be proud to have the occasional wanderer look around.

I’m finding the mainland well worth exploring but am always keeping in mind that there’re many differing opinions about what’s the right and wrong way to do things. And like anywhere else on the planet, there are miserable, foul-tempered people to avoid.

I guess a lot of people sign up for an account and leave, never knowing there are sims where people have set up their own homes, businesses, parks, ranches and stuff along the roads and waterways.