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A private art collection is currently on display at the Placebo Gallery. It’s curated by Seraphim Placebo and is a huge, five floors of art.

Not at all overwhelming, it’s an exquisite collection. Some of the artists are still in Second Life; much of the collection is of ephemera. Creator names I recognize are CapCat Ragu, Yelena Istmal, (I have a growing collection of Noctis items), Alia Baroque, Troy Vogel, Cat Boccaccio, and Fuschia Nightfire. There’s also original art by Chris Attwell, Seri’s “driver”.

There are five floors. Most of the fifth floor is 3D and light pieces. On the third floor, in back, there are steps leading back down to the second floor which had been partitioned off. There’s seating if you want to hang out.

The adorable, little blue alien is still floating around and some cute, grass-mowing sheep have been added. The stairs to go to the second floor are located all the way in back.

Placebo Gallery_001