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moss beach park campgrounds_008

Here’s a couple of photos of the Moss Beach Park Campground in Gerstle. There are sleeping bags and a teepee in addition to the tent and campers pictured here.

moss beach park campground_007

Nearby is a park. The SLurl should land you in the middle of the road next to the campground and it’s fairly easy to explore the area, avoiding the ban lines of private property.


What was written above is the post I had already scheduled for today in my ongoing quest to manage my time and life optimally.

Thanks to my regular and occasional readers who find something worthwhile in stopping by here.  And I give a smile and a wave to those who kind of get it about diversity, personal expression and differences in perceptions and abilities. And also to those who have more going on than their agendas for how the whole world should work.

Here’s a few paragraphs from a comment I started to write elsewhere and moved here because of the plethora of I, me and my words:

My cognitive problems are bothering me today and I’m very tired, which is often what’s going on when I post to my blog. But do I let that stop me, when I feel like blogging? Nope. I have a right to do my best with whatever I have to work with.

I just tried to read the post about the “right way” to art blog but couldn’t get very far. Last week there were a lot of posts in the feeds I look at about how many people are bad fashion bloggers.

People sometimes point out the flaws in my writing and photography and other things they don’t like about how I manage my blog. It sometimes annoys me but usually just makes me feel slightly important for two seconds. Then I realize they’ll likely just go away.

It’s just background boring to be bombarded with disapproval. No wonder people pay less and less attention to each other.