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Gerstle Bay Gardens_004

A friend’s got a new home in Montara, on Sansara near the Hooper Bridge. I helped fix it up as well and did some exploring of the surrounding area. It’s a mixed use place and also has hang outs for the public.

One such place is Gerstle Bay Gardens. That SLurl will land you in the road and the gardens will be to your right, facing inland.

Gerstle Bay Gardens_001

I spent some peaceful times there while working on stuff in other windows. There seems to be property turning over along the nearby waterway lately, although being new to the area I’m not sure what’s normal.

Gerstle Bay Gardens_003

It’s nice to have water and a park near one’s home.

Gerstle Bay Gardens_006

There’s a huge dragon which can be seen in the background here. Also, there’s a stable but I just looked over the fence. The horses probably aren’t there for the public.